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EMDR Therapy

Kara Niccum, M.S., LMFT, LADC

I believe the most effective therapeutic treatment is collaborative, time-limited, and aimed at alleviating the presenting problem. Most often, I find the things we struggle with in the present have their roots in the past. EMDR therapy colors the way I see all presenting problems. From the moment you walk into my office, I’m thinking, “how could EMDR bring healing?” I place utmost importance on the quality of the client-therapist relationship as an agent of change in the therapeutic process. You are an expert on you, so I need to get to know you. As a therapist, I strive for an easy conversational flow. I’m informal, laid back, and open to feedback. I like to think I’m funny, but that’s up for debate. There must be laughter in therapy to balance the heaviness of the work.

I giggle when people say attending therapy signifies weakness. In my office, I see strength, courage, and grace every day. To face your struggles and work through the hardest moments of your life; that’s a far cry from weakness. I admire my clients and reap so much from seeing their transformations. I often say to clients, trauma is like a mountain; you either take the long way around, the treacherous trek over the top, or you build a tunnel through. Building a tunnel through is hard work as there’s debris to clear out of the way, but once you’re through, you’re through. Trauma work requires building a tunnel through so you no longer have to go around or over. Together, we’ll make sure you have what you need to take care of yourself while clearing debris. I’ll sit with you, I’ll hold the space, but the work, that comes from within you.

I offer both weekly and on a very limited basis intensive EMDR therapy. I am an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Choice and Web TPA. I am an Employee Assistance Provider for the City of Stillwater, OK and ComPsych. At this time, all sessions are held via Doxy video conferencing. is used to facilitate EMDR reprocessing. Clients must be physically located in the state of Oklahoma at the time of service. To inquire about availability, connect with Kara by submitting this form.  

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